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To Serve

To Serve

Praise and Worship
The Journey At Winchester Worship

Praise & 


We at the Journey believe that it is an absolute necessity to be in the presence of God together as a family. Our vision is to enter in and simply invite God to take control, and then witness the goodness of God. Our goal is to present music that glorifies God with cutting edge technology and draw in all generations to the message of grace and the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. 




Join us before service and throughout the week for times of prayer. The purpose of the prayer ministry is to connect with the Heart of God as we enter His presence. We believe that there is power in prayer and that God is moved by our faith! Need to build your faith and build a stronger prayer life? Join us for prayer and watch what the Lord will do in your life, in this church and in our community.

The Journey At Winchester Prayer
Journey Men
The Journey At Winchester Men

Journey Men

Calling All Men! Whenever there is an opportunity to get together with other men in this church, be there. Whether it's a mens retreat, a hunting trip or just a mens breakfast at the local diner, God always seems to speak when the men of this church are gathered together in unity. We can't wait to see you at our next event!

Womens Journey

JOURNEY of Faith

Hey Ladies! Here at The Journey we know that life can be complete chaos. Jobs and kids and sports and managing the household.... Want to know a life-hack? Prioritize God and he will help you prioritize everything else! We have a lot of fun things planned for the ladies in this church. Let's get together and have a great time in the Lord, build relationships and watch God do some amazing things in our lives and the lives of the
women around us!

The Journey At Winchester Women
Young Adults
The Journey At Winchester Young Adults

Young Adults

This young adult group has a heart to cultivate a community who pursues Jesus together. Becoming whole and finding meaning can be hard. We know that Jesus is the key! We want to build a community of encouragement, belonging and growth through authentic connection, honest conversation and genuine relationship. So let's get together and build something amazing. Whether it's gathering around a bonfire or passing out food together and serving our community, let's serve with excellence, do it in unity and
let's leave our mark! 

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Here at Venture Youth we love being able to create an environment where teens can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ! We also focus on equipping them with the skills to share His Love with others. 

This is a growing group that is excited about what God has in store for the future! No matter your interests or where you find yourself in life right now, this is a place for YOU! Join us as we 'Venture' out on our Journey to know more about Christ! We meet after worship on Sundays.

Pizza Boxes
Children's Ministry
Kids in Church

Childrens Ministry

Here at The Journey we value and care for your family as a whole. This means that when you are enjoying the worship service out front, your kids are enjoying a worship service of their own with our amazing childrens ministry team! They will sing praise and worship, learn a Bible based lesson, do activities and crafts together and even receive a snack! If you would like more information on what we offer as a childrens ministry, or if you would like to get involved, just click the link below.

Family Ministry


Here at The Journey, we are centered around Christ. Because of His Love, we focus on building strong relationships not only with each other, but within each family unit that attends. Whether you need guidance on marriage, parenthood, communication or anything that could build you up as a family and help you in your walk with Christ, we have a team of people who can walk  it with you. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

Sound Board at Rock Show_edited.jpg
Food Ministry
The Journey At Winchester Food Ministry

FOOD Ministry

We find ourselves in a very unique situation when it comes to the way we are able to serve our community. We have a food ministry that distributes over
200,000 lbs of food each year. Along with our monthly food disbursement, we also do events such as our Thanksgiving Turkey giveaways, Christmas meal baskets and other food disbursement events. We always need people to help assemble these meal kits and make deliveries. Get involved today!  

The Creative

The Creative
Media & Production

Our media and production team is called The Creative and our mission is to serve this congregation and those who tune in around the world with dedication to Jesus and excellence to our congregation. We run audio and sound, create the visuals and run multi-media, we operate cameras, stream the livestream, run the website and manage social media. We manage and operate all aspects of tech for our church and our services.
Want to get involved? Click the link below! 

Sound Board at Rock Show_edited.jpg
Hospitality Team
The Journey At Winchester Hospitality Team


Have you ever visited a church and you didn't know where to park, which door to walk in, where to sit, where to take your kids, or where the restrooms were located? That doesn't happen here, thanks to our highly trained and dedicated hospitality team! They will greet you at the door and take all the guess work out of your time with us. If you have any questions while you are here, just ask a member of the hospitality team and they will ensure you have everything you need!
(Including a hot cup of coffee) 



Here at The Journey Church we have a team of people dedicated to serving not only the needs of our members, but the needs of our community. Whether you are interested in getting involved or you find yourself needing assistance, get in touch with our outreach team! We trust that God answers prayer and supplies the needs of His people. Get involved and together we will serve our community and eachother! 

The Journey At Winchester Outreach
Connect Card
Image by Joel Muniz


Click the link below to be taken to our Connect Card.
There you can select all the ministries you'd like to get involved in and request more information. 
We are excited to have you join our team!

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